Yvi is an exotically puissant mystic that Hark captured deep within the forests of Wisteria. Treated more kindly by Flinto than most other spirits he collected over the years, Yvi grew an almost pet-like bond with the brilliant mind. After constant unsuccessful testing in creating rapid mutative growth within his subjects, Yvi became the first trophy of fruition. Originally a cheerful protective spirit cemented to its miniature form, this interesting creature now holds a strange shape-shifting ability, allowing him to grow exponentially into a 35-foot tall, four-armed beast. Rather than staying in this hulk-ish anatomy for long, Yvi uses each form to his advantage at will. His small monkey-like size allows for limber, tactile speed, whereas the overblown upgrade gives him relentless strength and access to large mechanical weapons. This mystic holds a high status among Hark's arsenal, and gives the Gongbat quite a challenge.