Life from a scientific standpoint can be described as variable changes in tiny atomic and cellular makeup, finding new ways to survive a caustic surrounding world. In the games very space-bound and humanized dimension, all lifeforms are classified as creatures where DNA rules with an iron fist. Alas, since long before Mog's Colony first landed on Etaera, time warping portals littered this beautifully extravagant planet's surface. These gateways allowed spiritual lifeforms to travel to our dimension, and vice versa (with the very unforgiving dilation of time).

Since mystic beings became heavily populated in areas around Etaera's globe, early scientists of colonized history have found very little explanation as to how their rigid bodies breath life as do we. Under microscopic view, spiritual cells do not function the same as animals' nor plants'. They breath without atmosphere, float as we fall, and lack an ability to freeze or burn. Death for a spirit is possible, but only under much more extreme circumstances. As stated by renowned physicist Drell Coomer, "Spiritual life is seemingly more explainable by fictional magic than most modern sciences."